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A&M Consult

We've been working hard since 2006 to bring you top quality web design and graphics at affordable prices

A&M Consult

We work hard to short timeframes and specialise in Drupal installations and Drupal theme designs

A&M Consult portfolio

A fantastic web design company. Their prices are VERY affordable. - SD - UK

A&M Consult portfolio

I've seen the site. It looks great. Thanks for all of your efforts - JI, USA

Web Design

Past Projects

Here are some examples of previous work. For more details on a design you like, get in touch using the contact form.

Live Sites: Excellence in EducationWantItDelivered | Estate & Corporate Solicitors LLP | Avisami

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Our Website Basics

Want a professional looking website with differing effects? A&M Consult is able to provide various website services. A domain name (i.e. www.yourcompany.com or .org) can be created for your and maintained for a predetermined period. Quotes will cover the cost of design and setting up the domain name, for a length of 5 years.

We include in the pricing for every package:

  • Search Engine Submission - to guarantee you are listed in Google, and your target audience can easily access your site
  • Domain registration - your personalised .com .co.uk or .net; whichever is best suited for your project
  • Hosting package - the best for your purposes, with as much online space as is necessary
  • Unique and Professional design - With accompanying graphics, banners and flash presentations. We present a range of designs to you for you to choose features, colours and layouts from. Professional designs for professionals, fun designs for Productions and Plays
  • Possibility of several e-mail accounts for your domain - With a system you can manage yourself, handling users in your domain, sharing Calendars, Documents and other Products online.


We put our graphics together using...

...many many tools. Most used is Adobe's Photoshop. Then Paint.NET is used for some graphics, Macromedia Fireworks for vectors and Pencil for sketching. Some even start out on paper! Most graphics make use of stock photography that relates to the theme of the project. Let us know if you have any graphics or images that have inspired you for your graphics project.

Tip of the month: MAY

We recommend MailChimp for all your e-mail marketing needs...and for the first 2000 subscribers, its free!

How we construct a site

We use a combination of PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript and HTML to weave together the perfect site for you. Our main content management system of choice is Drupal. The software we've found ourselves using the most are Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Programmer's Notepad. Don't hesitate to ask if you want to know more about what these software are capable of.